About the fight of independence of 1857, by the Raja of Jagdishpur, the famous historian Pundit Sunder Lal writes in his history named “Bart Mein Angereji Raj” as follows :
“On July 25th 1857 , the Indian army of “British Fauz” declared the Independence at Danapur and proceeded to, Jagdishpur in Bhojpur district, Babu Veer Kunwar Singh was the Raja of Jagdishpur at that time, Kunwar Singh was very popular in surrounding areas. At that time he was at the age of 80 years.
“When the revolutionary army reached Jagdishpur, the old King Babu Veer Kunwar Singh immediately took the command of that army. He reached Ara with this army and captured the English Treasury, released the prisoners from Ara Jail and destroyed English Offices totally.
“On July 29.1857, Captain Danwar proceeded to Ara with 300 English and 100 Sikh armies. When he reached near Ara, he was attacked by Gorilla fighters of Kunwar Singh in Mango Garden (kayamnagar) at night. Only 50 persons of British army were survived out of 415 till the morning of 30th July. Captain Danwar was also killed at the same place (Kayamnagar).
“A big British army led by Major Ayar with cannons proceeded to Ara from the west to help the surrounded British army on Aug, 2nd, 1857 . A big battle took place at Bibiganj (about 5 kms, west of Ara). The English army became successful in this battle and Kunwar Singh was forced to retreat. After 8 days, the captured Ara town and the castle of Ara (Ara house) were freed. Babu Veer Kunwar Singh came back to Jagdishpur and Major Ayer followed him with the victorious army. After the fight of many days on Aug,14, the Kilo of Jagdishpur fell in the hands of Major Ayer.”
“After 8 months fighting with British armies at different places in Eastern U.P. Babu Veer Kunwar Singh decided to come back to Jagdishpur via Gazipur. He reached his capital Jagdishpur and again took-over his thrown with the help of another small army collected by his younger brother Amar Singh on April 22, 1858 . Kunwar Singh was forced to fight again within 24 hours of his arrival at Jagdishpur. A fierce battle again took place between Kunwar Singh and Britishers at a distance of one and half miles away from Jagdishpur. This battle had taken place between the night of 22nd and 23rd April, 1853 and was again won by the injured Kunwar Singh”
“Kunwar Singh regained his thrown of Jagdishpur on 23rd April, 1958 and ruled again till the death. The 23rd April is celebrated at Ara, Jagdishpur and all over the state of Bihar as “Kunwar Singh Vijayotsav Diwas” every year. The old and injured Lion Kunwar Singh died on 26the April 1958 as an independent ruler but before his death he freed his state and the people from the slavery of British rule”.
“After his death, (Babu Veer Kunwar Singh) his younger brother Amar Singh took the throne of Jagdishpur. He also fought with British army at Behia, Hetampur and Dalipur and British army were defeated everywhere. Frustrated with regular defeat General Legend resigned from his post. General Dugles took the charge of British army announced awards to the persons who could bring the head of Amar singh but was not successful in getting Amar Singh in his custody. On 17th Oct. 1958 , the British army surrounded Jagdishpur and attacked from seven points but Amar singh came out of Jagdishpur fighting with his courageous army. The Britishers captured Jagdishpur. Amar Singh surrounded by the British army at “Nounadi” 300 armies of Amar Singh was killed but he again fled with 100 army persons. The Britishers could not catch him but followed long. Once the British army was about to catch the elephant on which Amar Singh was riding but he jumped from the elephant and fled away/ He entered the forests of Kaimur hills. He never accepted the defeat. After entering Kaimur hills, there was no trace of him.”
In this way, the history of 1857, Specially of Jagdishpur and Ara of Bhojpur district is glorious and the people of the district owe their glorious past.