Priya KumarPriya Kumar,34, is one of the renowned and nationally acclaimed trainers in the country today. She is also one of the First Certified international FIRE WALK Instructors from India. “if you want to be successful you need get rid of your internal fears and not to list to what other people say – just to do the things you dream about and to be focus on them and then you will be successful.”- Priya Kumar

Priya is an internationally acclaimed Motivational Speaker and one of the most sought after trainers in India today. She is a Master Trainer in NLP and specializes in Fun Based and Experiential Learning. Her trainings in the areas of Leadership, Team Building, Motivation and Personal Effectiveness have helped many Fortune 500 companies increase productivity and performance of their employees.

She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Bombay, and a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling and a Master Trainer certificate in NLP. She is also a post graduate in Marketing and Sales from NMIMS.
Priya has conducted various training programs in the field of Fire Walking-Unleash The Power Within, Motivation, Peak Performance, Personal Breakthrough, Strategic Selling, Leadership Skills, Team Building, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Personal Development and Adventure Based Team Building.

Priya conducts corporate workshops for various Fortune 500 companies on various fields. She was also actively associated with The Indo American Society conducting workshops with HRD and Leadership Skills. Priya has written articles in various news papers and magazines on Corporate Success

and Sales Strategies. Priya has been featured in newspapers all over India and internationally. She has been on Celebrity Chat session, answering queries on how to improve self. She has also conducted workshops for various Management Institutes in Bombay and is a regular faculty at Company Management Centres.
Kumar claims to have a zero-per cent accident record, reinforced by her refusal to have any medics on site during her workshops. Of course, for a ‘hot’ profession like hers, Kumar charges a cool Rs 1.5-2 lakh for a 2-3 hour session for a minimum of 50 executives from her clients whose number has already swelled to 300.
She organises 10-15 such firewalk workshops a month and closed the last year with a turnover of Rs 50 lakh. Priya split the life in 3 stages:0-21 years – the age of


DREAMERS, when impossible is nothing.22-45 years – the age period called REALITY BITES, when you compromise on your dreams.50+ years – IF ONLY time, when you regret about all the things you haven’t and about all the compromises you have done.It’s only 5% of people who go on living as DREAMERs and do not compromise and who achieve incredible success.She also mentioned 3 things you need to have achieve success:

  • Vision in your eyes
  • Passion in your heart
  • Action in your hands