I have a dream – I want to see India as a developed country before I die. And, for India to achieve its full potential, people have to work to their full potential” states Chetan Bhagat as he works on with the motto of contributing his share to the development of the country and guiding the youth of the nation to a better future.

chetan bhagat 1Chetan Bhagat (born 22 April 1974 is a best-selling Indian author. He is the author of two bestsellers: Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT and One Night @ the Call Center. He is also the scriptwriter for ‘Hello’, the Bollywood movie based on One Night @ the Call Center.

Chetan Bhagat has spent the major part of his life in Delhi. He did his schooling from ‘The Army Public School’ in Delhi and finished his graduation from IIT Delhi in the year 1995. Since his childhood he has shared a tremendous interest in contributing articles and features to various newspapers and publications of the city. A passionate writer he always knew he would be into writing. During his stay at the IIT hostel he was the Editor of the hostel magazine. He did his MBA from IIM Ahmadabad in the year 1997. A brilliant student with a gentle personality he has always been his teachers’ favorite. After finishing his education he shifted to Honk Kong to work with a renowned US investment bank. He is happily married with his two twin sons. Besides writing, he has an immense interest in the philosophy of Yoga. A regular viewer of ‘Bollywood’ films, he claims himself to be a fan of the Hindi film actor Govinda.

His first novel ‘Five Point Someone’ topped the list of the Indian bestsellers. He was awarded the Society Young Achiever’s award in the year 2004 and Publisher’s Recognition Award in 2005 for his book. Readers loved the novel where he went down the memory lane of his days in IIT. It told the story of three friends who found it utterly difficult to deal with their lives in IIT. A hilarious presentation of the subject and the colloquial dailogues has made the novel instantly popular with the readers. His second book ‘One Night @ the Call Center’ published in the year 2005 again topped the charts. As Chetan Bhagat says his second book can be placed “in the humor category, with dark undertones. Like the previous book, this one has a fast-paced, thriller feel to it”. It is a novel that talks about life of the employees in a call center, its virtues and vices.