Founder of the Apollo Hospital Group

Dr. Pratap C Reddy born August 23, 1956 is a doctor and a businessperson and founder of the Apollo Hospital Group,India’s first corporate hospital group.

He pioneered the establishment of private hospitals in India which numbered to 750 private hospitals .Dr. Pratap Reddy came to India after serving as the Chief Resident of the Worcenter City Hospital in the US to start his practice in Madras with a modest earning of Rs 100/- per day.

The idea to establish Apollo Group of Hospitals came when Dr. Reddy lost a patient who couldn’t make it to Texas for an open heart surgery. This inspired Dr. Pratap Reddy to create world-class medical infrastructure in India and make it more accessible and affordable to common people. Dr. Reddy’s efforts bore fruit when he succeeded in setting up the first center of the Apollo Hospitals Group in Chennai in 1983.
Dr, Pratap Reddy soon followed this with India ‘s first hospital consultancy body – the Indian Hospitals Corporation – and commissioned two more Tertiary Care Centers in India. Since its inception, Apollo has demonstrated that Indian skills are equivalent to the best centers in the world and has produced world-class results in the most complicated Cadaver Transplant. Today, the Apollo Hospitals Group has over 22 centers in major cities in India and a combined turnover of over US $ 100 million.
Dr Reddy is now spreading Apollo Hospitals Group to other parts of Asia. The group opened its first clinic in Dubai in March 1999 and is coming up with projects in Sri Lanka, Africa, Bangladesh, and Oman. Dr. Reddy is currently looking at secondary health centers in semi urban and smaller cities and has already identified 23 sites for the purpose.
Dr. Pratap Reddy’s latest initiatives are “Med Varsity”-a virtual medical university providing total access to experts in the field of medicine anywhere in the world- and “MEDNET” – Hospital Systems Management package. Both the initiatives are expected to transform health care sector in India. Dr.Reddy was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1991.

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