Patna University’s Prof R K Sinha, famed as India’s Dolphin Man. From Terrestrial to Aquatic and then Aquatic to National aquatic“that only happend  due to Prof R K Sinha. He is head of the zoology department of Patna University.Gangetic dolphins now enjoy the status of national aquatic animal. Sinha played a major role in getting this status to this aquatic animal.
He found that 15 dolphins had been reportedly killed in different parts of Bihar in 2009 so Protection of the dolphins must be enforced immediately throughout the watershed , and all must come to recognize that the health of the dolphins is dependent on that of the rivers that gives us material as well as spiritual life. The presence of dolphins in a river is symbolic of a healthy ecosystem. The fresh-water dolphin, found in the rivers originating from the Himalayas, is only one of its kind besides those in the Amazon river in South America.
 India currently has around 2,300 dolphins. “There’s no database to ascertain their numbers earlier. The first dolphin distribution map was made by John Anderson in 1879.. If dolphins return to Ganga river, it also would attract global attention.According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Ganges River Dolphin is in grave danger of extinction with its population declining rapidly at a rate of 10 per cent annually. So efforts made by Ravindra sinha to save dolphin is realy appreciable.