Each and everyone wishes to have a successful life in this world, including yourself. We must know at least some factors that influence the success.

Whatever you are, you are unique. You can certainly make a significant mark. You must wake up and take up the challenge. You will definitely come up in life.

We usually say that a certain person, who was insignificant earlier, is now earning millions of dollars/ rupees and another person who had been very poor before, later on got educated with other’s charity and now become international fame. May be they are very lucky people. Let them be so.

The golden word is: “Hard work is another name for luck. Leave nothing to chance”.

Whatever be your status to start with, you must work hard sincerely and should become a great person, so that not only your family, the village/ town and the country should feel proud of you as the great son of the soil. So be prepared and rest assured.

Get happy and successfull life here are some tips …….

1.Be modest, face the dangers with valor.
2. Anger be replaced by endurance, have a chaste-living.

3. Never bother about the past (impossible to change it), instead learning a lesson from the past and not to commit the same mistakes are the essential qualities of a wise man.

4. Know your strengths: These are the plus points and some of them are given below:

A. You have good health and able to get sound sleep every night
B. You have the tenacity of the purpose

C. You are well educated and the intention to acquire further knowledge in your field / profession

D. You have conversational skills

E. You are indifferent to criticism by others

F. You are very pragmatic and not mere day –dreamer

G. You have good family back ground

H. You have the leadership qualities,

I. You are ready to work any where and can maintain good relationship with the public.

5. Know your weaknesses (if you got any) also and try to overcome them:

Following are some of the weaknesses normally present in many persons:

1. Not able to express your views clearly and people cannot understand you properly

2. Not able to control your anger

3. You develop jealousy if others are successful

4. Finding fault with every person

5. You feel that, you physically not so attractive

6. Having the tendency of showing partiality towards your community people

7. You feel upset, if others criticize you

8. Not able to get rid of bad company of friends, etc.

Remember you have to do careful introspection to correctly identify your weaknesses and sincerely try to remove them from you, either by meditation or by taking counseling from experts.