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Sharda Sinha born on october 9, 1952 at samastipur district of Bihar.She is popular folk singer of Bihar and known as “BIHAR KOKILA”  famous for chhat geet and bhojpuri songs.

She has been  honored with padma bhushan for her contribution in folk music. Her songs are class apart. Melodious, simple in tunes and would touch different aspects of life.Sharda Sinha gave her voice to few Hindi movies also and one of her songs in the movie Maine Pyar Kiya became very famous.she has also produced several successful music albums such as Dulhin, Pirittiya, Mehndi etc.
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She had recently performed at Pragati Maidan in  Bihar Utsav, 2010, in New Delhi .Sinha had started the programme with her famous patriotic song ‘Maiya bharti pukarela jawan babua tora hathawa mein deshwa ke shaan babuwa’. Her other songs, including ‘Paniya ke jahaj se paltaniya bani ahiya piya lele ahiya ho sindurwa Bengal Ke,’ ‘Kahe to se sajani hamaar jogiya,’ ‘Sutal chaliya baba ke bhawanwa,’ ‘Sun ho pardesia,’ ‘Sasuji se lutri,’ ‘Apna sajaniya ke’ and ‘Dulhin dhire dhire chalio,’ enthralled the audience.
She regularly performs during Durga Puja festivities. She had enthralled the audience when the Prime Minister of Mauritius Navin Ramgoolam had come to the land of his ancestors, Bihar.

Padmashree (prof.) Sharda sinha, an exponent of folk music, has brought this neglected part of our cultural heritage the dignity and high seriousness of classical expression as a translucence added to the warmth & spontaneity of the folk world.
Smt.sinha was initiated into Indian classical music by the late pt. Raghu Jha, an eminent khayal singer of panchgachiya gharana. Her further traning came from late pt. sitaram hari dandekar and panna devi, a thumri and dadra virtuoso.

Prof. sinha an M.Mus (Indian classical Music-vocal ) and a nritya visharad (Manipur) started making magic with her voice when she was almost a nonentity in the music world.with her debuton Maithili number “dularua bhaiya”she raised a storm which heralded the dawn of new era in the realm of folk music. A tribute to “maithil kokil vidyapati (HMV-1983)made her famous even in distant land countries like Russia ,china,, the U K and the U S A . During her cultural tours sponsored by I C C R(Govt. of India ) of Mauritius, Surinam, Germany, Belgium, Holland ,Luxembourg, Egypt , with her subtle artistry and mellifluous voice Prof. sinha charmed the millions of rural folk and city-bred elites alike.
Her numbers in the hindi block busters “Maine pyar kiya” , “hum aapke hain kaun” , and Bhojpuri films “mayee”, “Bolbum”, “Dagabaaz balma”, “ Ganga maiya tohe piyari chadhaibai”, and “Sohagan bana da sajna” have further endeared her countless people in India and abroad.

Awards and honors have come to Prof. Sinha :

Varsh ka sarvottam kalakar -(H M V) 1979,Lok kala shree – 1983,Gold disc – 1986,Bihar gaurav – 1987,Double platinum disc- 1988,Bihar ratna – 1988,Bhojpuri ratna – (pashchim bang Bhojpuri parishad)1988,Lok ratna- 1990,Padmashree (Govt. of India)- 1991,Kabeer samman – 1992,Bhojpuri ratna-(luckhnow)- 1993 ,Sangeet gaurav – 1993,Bhikhari thakur samman – 1996,Mithila vibhuiti samman- 1996 ,Ambedkar cultural award – 1997,Sarvochchya Nargik Samman- 1997 ,Sangeet Natak Akademy Award-(Govt.of India)2000,Bhartendu harishchandra samman – 2002 ,Netaji subhash Chandra samman – 2003,Rashtriya Devi Ahiliya Samman –(Govt. of M.P)2006,Bihar kalakar samman (Govt. of Bihar)- 2008,Bhojpuri ki Latamageshkar Samman-2009

The Honorable President of India awarded prof. sharda sinha “Padmashri” for her folk-classical experiment. Prof. Sinha was awarded the “Sangeet Natak Akademy “award for the year 2000 ,for her contribution to folk music of bihar . She has also been awarded “Rashtriya Devi Ahilya Samman” by the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh .

To acknowledge her contribution to folk music Govt. of Bihar nominated her to the, executive body of Bihar Rajya kala academy in 1982 & in 1987 The Govt. of India nominated her to the governing body of the “N.C.Z.C.C, Allahbad.

Prof. sinha is at present a member of the Advisory committee All India Radio , darbhanga ,a member of the governing body, Eastern zonal cultural centre ,kolkata (W.B) & a member of the Expert Committee (ministry of culture , Govt. of India) for financial assistance for promotion and dissemination of Tribal / Folk Art and Culture.

Smt. Sharda sinha is a “Top Grade” artist of akashvani.
Padmashri prof sharda sinha is the Head of the Department of Music , Women’s College, Samastipur (L.N.M.U.Darbhanga ) Bihar.

 In 2016 the chhath songs viral world wide …. Watch Video

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