gst11 JULY,DELHI | जीएसटी बीती रात संसद के केन्द्रीय कक्ष में राष्ट्रपति प्रणब मुखर्जी और प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी द्वारा घंटा बजाये जाने के साथ लागू हो गया.पूरे देश में आज (1 जुलाई) से वस्तु एवं सेवा कर (जीएसटी) लागू हो गया. अब केंद्र और राज्यों के स्तर पर लगने वाले 17 केंद्रीय और राज्य स्तरीय टैक्स के साथ-साथ 23 अलग-अलग तरह के सेस के बदले केवल जीएसटी देना होगा.

GST Rates Structure

Tax Rates Products  0%

Milk, Kajal ,Eggs, Educations, Services,Curd ,Health Services , Lassi, Children’s Drawing & Colouring Books , Unpacked Food, grains, Unbranded Atta,Unpacked Paneer ,Unbranded Maida,Gur ,Besan,Unbranded Natural Honey, Prasad,Fresh Vegetables, Palmyra Jaggery,Salt ,Phool, Bhari Jhadoo

Tax Rates Products 5%

Sugar ,Packed Paneer,Tea, Coal,Edible Oils ,Raisin,Domestic LPG, Roasted Coffee Beans, PDS Kerosene ,Skimmed Milk Powder,Cashew Nuts, Footwear (< Rs.500),Milk Food for Babies, Apparels (< Rs.1000),Fabric, Coir Mats, Matting & Floor, Covering,Spices ,Agarbatti,Coal, Mishti/Mithai (Indian Sweets),Life-saving drugs ,Coffee (except instant)

Tax Rates Products12%  

Butter ,Computers,Ghee, Processed food,Almonds, Mobiles,Fruit Juice ,Preparations of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts or other parts of Plants including Pickle Murabba, Chutney, Jam, Jelly ,Packed ,Coconut Water, Umbrella

Tax Rates Products 18%

Hair Oil ,Capital goods,Toothpaste, Industrial ,Intermediaries,Soap ,Ice-cream,Pasta Toiletries,Corn Flakes ,Computers,Soups, Printers.

Tax Rates Products 28%

Small cars (+1% or 3% cess) ,High-end motorcycles (+15% cess) , Consumer durables such as AC and fridge , Beedis are NOT included here, Luxury & sin items like BMWs, cigarettes and aerated drinks (+15% cess)

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