Cavalcante From Escape to Capture: The Shocking Manhunt of a Killer on the Run

The fugitive who managed to escape from a Pennsylvania prison late last month, following a sensational two-week manhunt that garnered national attention and left the local community on edge, has been apprehended once more and now faces additional charges.

Danilo Cavalcante, aged 34, was discovered by law enforcement personnel in the woods of South Coventry Township while he was asleep. He was found lying on top of a rifle that he had stolen from a nearby resident a few days earlier. A helicopter flying overhead had detected a heat signature on the ground, and a tactical team moved in after a clearing storm. Attempting to flee through dense underbrush with the stolen rifle in hand, Cavalcante was intercepted by Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens. A police canine was released to stifle him, keeping him from utilizing the rifle before he was arrested, subsequently finishing a sensational multi-day manhunt.

Cavalcante is as of now confined in a biggest security office in Pennsylvania, known as State Healing Foundation – Phoenix, arranged in Montgomery Region. His exceptional life sentence, beginning from another crime conviction for the killing of his past darling, stays set up. Furthermore, he has been accused of crime escape and is planned to show up in court for a fundamental hearing on September 27.

At this point, there is no lawyer recorded on court reports for Cavalcante, and the public protector’s office has declined to remark. Court records indicate that Pennsylvania authorities updated the spelling of Cavalcante’s first name to “Danilo.”

Cavalcante’s escape, which occurred on August 31, was a source of unease for many in Chester County. The inmate had successfully evaded authorities for nearly two weeks by hiding in wooded areas, moving under cover of darkness, and surviving initially on stream water and a stolen watermelon from a farm. During his time on the run, he managed to elude search perimeters, was observed inside homes, commandeered a dairy van, altered his appearance, visited individuals he knew from years ago, stole a firearm, and even encountered gunfire from a homeowner.

When Cavalcante was finally captured in South Coventry Township, approximately 20 miles from the prison he escaped from, he exhibited signs of prolonged exposure to the wilderness, appearing visibly stressed.

David Sassa, chief county detective who had previously been involved in the murder case for which Cavalcante was convicted, expressed shock at the escape following the sentencing for the “horrific” crime. Sassa emphasized that Cavalcante had shown no remorse during the trial.

Cavalcante’s intention was reportedly to drive to Canada, as revealed by Robert Clark, supervisory deputy US marshal for Pennsylvania’s eastern district. According to Clark, Cavalcante disclosed this plan during an interview with law enforcement officials after his capture.

Over 500 law enforcement officers, including members of the Pennsylvania State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI, and US marshals, had established a perimeter in South Coventry Township to search for Cavalcante, utilizing ground and aerial resources.

Cavalcante’s post-capture interview with investigators provided insights into his tactics during the escape. He described a period of seclusion in densely wooded areas where he initially remained stationary for days, sustaining himself with limited resources. Officers came dangerously close to discovering him several times, highlighting the challenging terrain.

Cavalcante ultimately decided to leave this area due to the escalating law enforcement activity. He had been surveilling locations where he stole a truck from a dairy farm and, more recently, pilfered a rifle from a property, raising concerns and prompting authorities to issue safety advisories to residents.

The capture of Cavalcante brought relief to the Chester County community and the family of the victim, Deborah Brandão, who had endured fear and anxiety during his time on the run. Prosecutors revealed that Cavalcante had brutally murdered Brandão in front of her two young children in Pennsylvania in April 2021, stabbing her 38 times.

For Brandão’s family, the past two weeks had been deeply painful and terrifying, reopening the wounds of their loss. However, with Cavalcante’s incarceration, they expressed profound gratitude to law enforcement for their support and hard work in ensuring his capture.

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